How Tomatis® Can Help

The Tomatis ® Method uses specifically developed technology to activate the muscles of ear and brain by listening to specifically selected and designed music. Why music? The wide range of frequencies allow access to the entire sensory processing system and brain. It just works!


“Listening” is a passive skill that is activated when we hear a sound or feel a vibration. The human ear and associated Auditory Processing System is constantly monitoring the environment and using the stimuli it receives to affect many internal systems.

We commence listening before we are born, and one of a baby’s first acts is to seek out its mother’s voice for comfort and emotional security. As we develop through childhood to maturity, our ability to listen has a powerful impact on many major life skills, including:

  • Our ability to make sound which becomes speech and language
  • Being in command of our postural and motor control of the body
  • Having the capability to focus our attention when needed and concentrate
  • Facilitating the development of appropriate behavior
  • Supporting our ability to learn and retain memories
  • Developing social skills allowing for effective interaction with others
  • Enhancing our overall sensory integration capabilities
  • and much more!

Listening and auditory processing capabilities can be impaired for numerous reasons. However, because they are active systems it is never too late to make interventions and remedy many difficulties by improving listening skills.

To learn more, find out how Tomatis® and sound therapy can help with auditory processing and a variety of related needs schedule a consultation in person, by telephone or by computer meeting on Skype!


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