Tomatis® for Autism

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Autism is in part an issue with sensory processing and motor planning.  Tomatis® can help!

Tomatis and Autism
Autism is in part an issue with sensory processing and motor planning.  Most individuals with autism are overly sensitive to incoming sensory stimuli.  They can be seem covering their ears when there are unexpected or unwelcomed sounds, like a fire truck siren or a toilet flushing.  They are frequently picky eaters, not liking some textures or density or many foods, and limiting their diet accordingly.  They engage in behaviors to block sensory stimuli like jumping or humming.  Tomatis® is uniquely designed to assist with integration of these sensory processing issues.

Sensory regulation is an important part of our lives.  Not only can it be at the root of sensory sensitivities, but it can also impact of many other automatic functions such as sleep.

Autistic people frequently have many common issues.  They have trouble making and sustaining eye contact.  They misinterpret social cues and sensory stimuli.  Something as simple as a Mother cooing to her child can be met with body rigidity and tears.  The Mother feels sad and rejected.  This cycle spills over to their relationship and other attempts at emotional contact.

The issue seems to be at the level of neurological processing. The brain gets overly stimulated and inefficient.  It cannot figure out what it’s supposed to do.  Luckily, the nervous system can change with planned and controlled input.  As long as you can learn, you can change.  With the Tomatis® method, we can provide highly individualized programs to direct the course of one’s processing.

Here’s are some of the ways Tomatis® has impacted autism:

  •  Increase eye contact
  •  Improve feeding, language and speech
  •  Regulate sleep
  •  Increase desire to communicate
  •  Improve attention
  •  Improved self of well-being
  •  Decrease hyper sensitivity
  •  Better ability to negotiate the environment safely

Listen For Change has had some wonderful successes working with autistic clients.  Using the Tomatis® Method we have been able to assist in improving the quality of life for those with autism and their families.  Contact us so we can learn more about your situation and determine how a Tomatis® program can help you.


Sue Sonkin

Listen For Change


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