The Advantages of Forbrain

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ForbrainThere is a new product that has been of great value to many my clients, but you don’t have to be a client to get one!

This product is called Forbrain!

Forbrain is a bone conduction system that provides therapeutic quality of stimulation to your brain.

Unlike similar products, it has scientifically designed filters to maximize and control the experience for the listener.

Yes, I said listener, because you experience this stimulation as sound.  This sound is produced by using your own voice.  You can converse, read, or sing aloud into the microphone, and it is fed back to you.  While your experience is that of amplified sound, it is actually stimuli directed exactly to the bones in the vicinity of your ear.

Who can use Forbrain?  Anyone!  It can be use for auditory processing, concentration, attention, memory, reading skills, voice, language, articulation, stuttering and many other areas.  The research is based on using the device twice a day for as little as 10 minutes.  In the area of acquiring a new language and accent reduction, it has shown that Forbrain speeds up the process by as much as 33% than a foreign language learning program alone. Musicians and actors love it!

This is a product you can experience for yourself.  No professional is required.

Learn more about or purchase a Forbrain here .  Use this link for a 10% discount!

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