Is Your Child Out of Control? Try a Pop-Up Tent

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popuptent110614Troubling getting your child to focus?

Is he about to get punished for not listening?

Don’t punish!  Tent!

Children with auditory and sensory processing problems often can’t understand what you are asking.  The louder your voice gets, the more they cannot understand.  So here is another idea.  Suggest they have time in their tent to “get their controls back”

Pop-up tents can be child-friendly and quite inexpensive.

There are a number of things that can be put in a tent to encourage calming.  Here are some ideas.

-child size rocking chair

-bean bag chair

-picture books


No visitors please!

This is quiet time for your child and his tent.

After 10 minutes, your child can rejoin you, refreshed and ready for a new challenge!

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