Sound Therapy

How Tomatis® can help

Research and practice in therapeutic listening have confirmed that controlled sounds and vibrations can have a beneficial effect on many of the body’s systems, and that sound therapy can enhance an individual’s progress in specific systems.


Over 65 years ago Dr Alfred Tomatis identified that it was possible to achieve significant change and transformation in different systems by getting one’s ears to listen attentively and effectively. This Tomatis® Effect has been confirmed by subsequent scientific research.

Acquisition of skills is different for each individual. By using specific sounds and vibrations, it is possible to create programs that are targeted to the needs of each individual, which can offer improvements in auditory processing, sensory integration, speech and language, behavior, concentration, attention, memory and other areas.

With the new Tomatis® Audio Pro, Solisten® and TALKS-UP devices, it is now easier then ever for people of all ages to experience the benefits of the original and most substantive sound therapy program.