Tomatis & Adults-Learn a New Language

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Think Tomatis® is only for children?  Think again! Tomatis® audio training has a great  many applications in the adult community.  They include: self regulation sensory processing evacuation of anxiety learning disabilities voice and singing issues accent reduction acquisition of  a new language Let’s discuss acquisition of a new language.  Each language has its own rhythm, […]

Auditory Processing and Sensory Integration

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     What is auditory processing? Auditory processing is what happens after you hear, but before you respond. It is the processing of taking the sounds that have arrived at your ear, (and bones!), and sending them through the nervous system, associating them with memories and making sense of what you heard. Only then can your […]

This Is Your Brain On Music!

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Music….what a concept! Have you thought about how you use music in your life?  There is music for relaxing, music for dancing, music for sadness and music for gladness. There is music for studying.  Why studying?  Music turns your brain on.  It lights up so many areas of your brain through its network of connections. […]

Tomatis for Preschool/Kindergarten Readiness & Academic Success

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Listening is a critical skill for academic success.  We all want our children to do well in school. And more then that, we want to offer them every opportunity to insure success.  Tomatis is a proven tool for that success. Tomatis uses music that has been specially designed in order to alert the ear to […]

Pervasive Disorder of Development, PDD

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These are severe difficulties manifesting early in childhood development, and are characterized by delays in and alterations of the development of the capacities for social interaction, cognition, and communication. The neural circuits linking the ear to the brain contain specific neurons (both motor and sensory) called « mirror neurons » that play an important role […]

Motor Difficulties and Tomatis

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Psychomotor difficulties concern a delay in the acquisition, coordination, and execution of gestures that are not learned culturally or through an explicit education, but are instead acquired “naturally” over time (for example, walking, running, jumping, tapping out a rhythm with the foot or with the fingers). These are different from gestures related to dyspraxia, which […]

Tomatis and Issues with Communication

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A deeply engrained listening distortion can even lead to the loss of desire to listen, which in turn will diminish the desire to communicate, either because the person suffering from this distortion lacks confidence, or simply “gives up” trying to communicate, resulting in difficulties communicating effectively. Let’s recall that having well-tuned listening is not necessarily […]

Affective, Emotional & PTSD/PTSS Difficulties

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While it is easy to understand the importance of exercise for the upkeep of the body, we do not always realize that exercise is also important for our brain. A brain stimulated with sensory messages both energizes and relaxes us. Since the ear is the main channel for the transmission of sensory messages from the […]

Tomatis and Attention Deficiet Disorder, ADD & ADHD

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Attention is the capacity to select and maintain awareness of an exterior event or a thought. It corresponds to the general waking state and to vigilance, which lets the nervous system be receptive to any form of information that comes to mind. Attention disorders affect children and adults who cannot sufficiently concentrate on work to […]